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The following serves a few functions: Character DEVELOPMENT, if needed, or just a fun activity to pursue involving your OC. Some guidelines to follow:

1. Answer the following questions from your character's point of view. As such, the answers should be written in a first-person ("I") format.

2. Feel free to throw in your own answer, if you feel that the answer is incomplete. Yes, you, behind the fourth wall.

3. Since this is supposed to be fun, I'd prefer it if you and your character could minimize the bad language, so that everyone can enjoy these.

4. HAVE FUN. Otherwise, there's really no point. Get into your character's head and have at it!

5. Anyone can use this template. But, please, make sure to reference the source. If you don't...

6. Begin.

Character's Name: Rune Greywolf

Part I: Let's Start at the Beginning...

1. What's your name?
Rune Greywolf

2. Give me your full name...
That is my full name

3. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?
Yeah. Laxus calls me "Twerp" all the time. It really used to piss me off, but it's more endearing now instead of malice, so I'm okay with it now. He also calls me "Wolfie" or some other canine related name, but it's usually just a playful jab at my demon half. He and everyone knows not to call me "Mutt" or "Half-breed" though; those nicknames are off limits and I'll slap a bitch if they pull that shit

4. What species are you? (Human, werewolf, etc? Or are you an alien?)
I am half Wolf Demon and half Human

5. Where/when were you born
Rune: I was born in my family's cabin in the woods on the border of Fiore, Bosco, and Seven in the summer. 

Me: We can't get too detailed in the "when". I haven't actually picked a specific date yet, or if I had, I forgot. ^^;

Rune: *facepalm* You forgot? Really!? What the hell is wrong with you!?!

Me: I'm sorry! I haven't been writing in a while! Plus all the stress of life makes me forget shit!

Rune: Whatever! You'd better pick something quick! In case you've forgotten, it's going to play a major roll in getting Laxus and I to be friends!

Me: Yeah, Yeah! I know! I know!

6. I see. And that would make your age...
I'm seventeen right now

7. Okay, now...are you a good guy, or a bad guy?
A good guy of course

Part II: Tell Us MORE About Yourself...

8. How would you describe your PERSONALITY?
Hmmm...... That's kinda hard..... I'm loyal and protective, I don't like to trust strangers, I'll rip you to shreds if you dare hurt one of my guildmates, I can be stubborn when I want to be..... I love animals and children and feel the need to care for and protect them, I'm pretty artsy too...... umm..... Kinda cocky, a bit rowdy sometimes.... I think that may be about it. I might be forgetting stuff, but oh well. 

9. Would you say you're someone who can handle pressure?

10. Do you like to read?
Yeah. Especially Non-fiction or horror. It's even better when both of those worlds collide! I mean, it's bad for the people in the story, but they're good to read. It's not like I can change anything about it now anyway.

11. Favorite color?
Black and white, preferably in the form of horizontal stripes

12. Do you get along with others?
Depends on who it is. I tend to not like starting trouble, but I will if need be

13. Do you have any enemies?
Yeah, the people who slaughtered my family and many of my kind, and the enemies of Fairy Tail

14. How about friends?
It took some warming up to, but I've made friends with a lot of the people at the guild now, and with a few shop keepers around town

15. Are you patient?

Part III: Hypothetically...

16. Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why?
A dragon! Those things are cool and sooooo powerful! I could wipe out those demon hunters in one fell swoop!

17. One of your enemies in question 13 just complimented you. Response?
Kick the crap out of them anyway! Sweet talk will get you no where with me when I've already deemed you my enemy!

18. One of your friends in Question 14 just insulted you. Response?
Looks like Imma have ta slap a bitch!

19. If you could change anything about yourself...
I wish my body wasn't so weak..... It can't handle my Demon Magic very well, and that's rather problematic since that's my strongest magic.....

20. About your home...
My first home was great, but isolated, so I only had my brothers to play with. That home has been destroyed now, but Fairy Tail is a good home too  

Part IV: Now We Get Personal

21. What're your parents like?
Dead..... Before that happened, they were amazing parents. Kind and patient, and wonderful teachers. Makarov is the closest thing I have to a parent now. He makes for a good parent as well.

22. Do you have any siblings?
Had...... Two brothers........

23. What's your occupation?
I am a mage of Fairy Tail

24. I see, that's a good job to have. Do you like it?
Very much so

25. Are you seeing/dating anyone?

26. Thinking about getting engaged, married, other?
I don't know.........

27. Tell us your biggest secret.
*blushes* I-I....... I have a crush on my partner, Laxus! *turns away in embarrassment* 

28. Your worst fear? You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to.
To lose those I care about..... Again......

29. Favorite food?
Gummy Bears. Laxus has learned that that's the best thing to give me as an apology, or if I'm sad or on my period. 

30. Favorite drink?
I'd have to say water or apple juice. Those strawberry daiquiris Laxus gets me sometimes are pretty good too 

31. Tell us one thing you're the most proud of.
Even though my body's too weak to handle my Demon Magic very well, I'm still a very tough opponent. 

32. Something embarrassing? You don't have to answer this one, either.
I told you that already......

33. If you didn't answer Questions 28 and/or 32, tell me why.
Because I already told you

34. Is that a good reason?
Yeah. I don't like repeating myself.

Part V: Breaking the Fourth Wall
For these next few questions, I'll briefly remove the fourth wall between your world and your creator's. Try to remain calm.

35. Before I remove the fourth wall, tell me: would you be willing to accept the fact that you're actually a character?
I guess so

36. Now the fourth wall's gone. Response?
Rune: *grabs creator by the shirt* Why do you hate me so!?! 
Me: I-I don't! You just need a good back story!

37. This is your creator's world. What's the first thing you notice?
Rune: This room is dark.... and pink...... And now you're laying in the hallway -_- Why?
Me: My room is fuchsia, not your run-of-the-mill pink! And, it's that way because I was obsessed with that color when I was allowed to redecorate my room. And, I'm in the hall because it's nap time for the kids my mom watches, so I've been kicked out of my room so 2 of them can sleep in there

38. You just met your creator! First impression of him/her?
Rune: Eh, she's alright. She could use some fixing up though
Me: Hey! I haven't gotten dressed for the day yet! Of course I don't look my best!

39. Okay, let's put the fourth wall back. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?
I guess

Part VI: Closing

40. Are you satisfied with your life?
Given the circumstances, I'm doing pretty well for myself.

41. Anything you feel like you have to do? It can be something long-term, like a bucket list, or something you need to do right now.
I need to get my revenge on the ones who killed my family, and to do that, I must train. I-I also need to work up the courage to tell Laxus.... h-how I feel......

42. Any hobbies?
Drawing, reading, going for walks in the forest, and I've recently started playing the guitar. 

43. Quick, you get one wish! What did you just wish for? It's alright, you can tell me...
I want my family back..... But, I think I would wish that there were no Demon Hunters instead..... That way, I and the rest of my kind can live in peace.....

44. How would you describe that wish? Good? Bad? Selfish? Selfless? Other?
Good and mostly selfless since I'm giving up the chance to be with my family again so that all of my kind, myself included, no longer have to live in fear

45. Have you been honest with these questions?

46. Your personal quote?
"Though our hearts break, we cannot flinch"- Reverend Hale, The Crucible
"There are bad ways to win, and good ways to lose. The interesting and troubling thing is that it's not always clear which is which."

47. Do you like change?
Not really. I like things to stay comfortable

48. What's your most valued possession?
The necklace Laxus gave me for my birthday......

49. Anything else you feel like sharing?
Not that I'm aware of

50. Last question!...yup, that's it! How do you feel?
I feel fine


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